Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi People,

Welcome to my inaugural blog . The trigger behind this blog is certainly the recent attacks in Mumbai which have made we the Indians think from inner core . Now I don't plan to write a blog criticizing our government, Mumbai police, Politicians, Judicial system and so on. In fact I wish to focus on some of the positives that have come out of this attack in my opinion. I have titled this blog "Its a Start" based on the positive aspects that have come out of this attacks in my opinion and which I plan to highlight.

The idea for this blog came to my mind while I was roaming around in a park pondering over the incidents that have happened in Mumbai over a past few years including the recent terror attacks. As the saying goes "Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining", I thought of the silver lining in the current attacks on Mumbai. Could there be any positives which can come out of these barbaric attacks? If you ask me my answer would be YES.

  • The first point that came to my mind while thinking about the positives of this attack was that it will if not permanently, then at least temporarily stop the wave of regionalism which was being spread since last couple of months. The city and the country have given a befitting response to such moves by exhibiting and expressing the solidarity among all .
  • Until Now, the people who died in these attacks were the ones who traveled in trains and buses and basically poor or middle class people. However, this attack has shown the more effluents that they too are vulnerable and not out of bound to the extent which they thought they were. In my opinion that is the reason why this time around there is more media coverage and campaigns on the attacks than any other previous attacks. The Who's who of the Mumbai is expressing its views on terrorism and vented their anger at the system. Unlike previous attacks when media used to cover it for a day or two and life went on. This time around even one week after the attacks the media coverage has not slowed down. Various Campaigns highlighting public’s anger and demanding answers from the government are still very much on. The common man is also angry and showing it. It’s an unfortunate positive but then its hard reality at the same time. With this outcome, I am sure the society at large will now move decisively together to tackle such issues at faster pace in future.
  • These attacks also exposed the real face of the terrorists and terrorism which claims to advocate the cause of Islam and fellow muslims. A survivor of the attacks at Oberoi hotel told the news that the terrorists made reference to Babri Masjid and Godhra Masjid before going on a killing rampage. However it has come to light that out of the 58 citizens killed at CST Station 22 were muslims and a significant percentage of the injured were also muslims. This clearly shows that all this talk of doing it in the name of Islam and fellow muslims is crap. These terrorists are a bunch of Hypocrites whose motives are to disrupt the peace of the society, create unrest and spread hatred. However, this country has proven these anti social elements from time to time that it stands united and any means to create unrest and spread hatred will be met with failure.
  • The last point in my list of positives is that finally government has waken up for the time being and taking fast steps to make country more safe.

Its a good start people but the real question that we need to ask ourselves is When does it all end? How many more have to die before words are converted into action?

The country is united for a cause. The momentum is there, the feeling is there, the anger is there. Lets all do what we can to prevent this momentum from dying down.

Thats it for my First Blog!! Awaiting your valuable comments.