Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Hi People,

Welcome to my inaugural blog . The trigger behind this blog is certainly the recent attacks in Mumbai which have made we the Indians think from inner core . Now I don't plan to write a blog criticizing our government, Mumbai police, Politicians, Judicial system and so on. In fact I wish to focus on some of the positives that have come out of this attack in my opinion. I have titled this blog "Its a Start" based on the positive aspects that have come out of this attacks in my opinion and which I plan to highlight.

The idea for this blog came to my mind while I was roaming around in a park pondering over the incidents that have happened in Mumbai over a past few years including the recent terror attacks. As the saying goes "Behind every dark cloud there is a silver lining", I thought of the silver lining in the current attacks on Mumbai. Could there be any positives which can come out of these barbaric attacks? If you ask me my answer would be YES.

  • The first point that came to my mind while thinking about the positives of this attack was that it will if not permanently, then at least temporarily stop the wave of regionalism which was being spread since last couple of months. The city and the country have given a befitting response to such moves by exhibiting and expressing the solidarity among all .
  • Until Now, the people who died in these attacks were the ones who traveled in trains and buses and basically poor or middle class people. However, this attack has shown the more effluents that they too are vulnerable and not out of bound to the extent which they thought they were. In my opinion that is the reason why this time around there is more media coverage and campaigns on the attacks than any other previous attacks. The Who's who of the Mumbai is expressing its views on terrorism and vented their anger at the system. Unlike previous attacks when media used to cover it for a day or two and life went on. This time around even one week after the attacks the media coverage has not slowed down. Various Campaigns highlighting public’s anger and demanding answers from the government are still very much on. The common man is also angry and showing it. It’s an unfortunate positive but then its hard reality at the same time. With this outcome, I am sure the society at large will now move decisively together to tackle such issues at faster pace in future.
  • These attacks also exposed the real face of the terrorists and terrorism which claims to advocate the cause of Islam and fellow muslims. A survivor of the attacks at Oberoi hotel told the news that the terrorists made reference to Babri Masjid and Godhra Masjid before going on a killing rampage. However it has come to light that out of the 58 citizens killed at CST Station 22 were muslims and a significant percentage of the injured were also muslims. This clearly shows that all this talk of doing it in the name of Islam and fellow muslims is crap. These terrorists are a bunch of Hypocrites whose motives are to disrupt the peace of the society, create unrest and spread hatred. However, this country has proven these anti social elements from time to time that it stands united and any means to create unrest and spread hatred will be met with failure.
  • The last point in my list of positives is that finally government has waken up for the time being and taking fast steps to make country more safe.

Its a good start people but the real question that we need to ask ourselves is When does it all end? How many more have to die before words are converted into action?

The country is united for a cause. The momentum is there, the feeling is there, the anger is there. Lets all do what we can to prevent this momentum from dying down.

Thats it for my First Blog!! Awaiting your valuable comments.


Sahil said...


mrinal said...

well written for the first blog.

I somehow dnt agree with ur last point. Government is acting fast only because of pressure from media. That bloody RR patil said there no need to resign for such "small" things. They already knew from intelligence wats going to happen, but those lazy buggers are never willing to take any steps.

It is very difficult to change this dirty system of politics. It would be very foolish to expect something from our politicans.

Nishant said...

well mrinal we cant just sit around and wait for miracles to happen to change the dirty system of politics. These politicians are nothing but our representatives only. Like i said "Its a start" and someday it will end too.

abhishek said...

Well written Bansal I liked your silver lining wala funda and its true the facts what you have pointed out.

How far as I understood since they took about 40 British hostages and many foreign nationals the scene got spread world wide. It is also a big news here in UK as I can notice that almost everyone knowing and talking about it here.

Later I read Condoleezza Rice US secretary also visited Delhi for the same purpose of raising the issue.

I hope certain actions will be taken against it now, India has demanded list of terrorists to Pakistan and Rice again is forcing the Pakistan govt to catch hold of them as there have been proofs that they are operating from that nation.

Few other flaws came out about security which I read in newspaper again was that Maharashtra police is having less no of weapons to safeguard and secure people of Maharashtra. And these details were given in form of ratio, no of weapons per police officials.

Also there has been some treaty amongst various nations regarding banning of manufacture of certain kind explosives which are mostly use in attacks and kill 90% of civilians out of which 30% are children’s. It has been signed by many European nations however china, Russia and US haven’t signed them saying it will effect there security measures fighting terrorism. But its estimated that many countries will be signing the treaty till 2010.

I suppose as long as the issue is kept raised and many other powerful nations as US, UK etc. are involved in these activities fighting against terrorism, would give positive results rather than just keeping it within one country. Let it be not just our problem but everyone’s problem.
India should act intelligently.


deepak said...

Dear Nishant, it is really an interesting thought that you have shared. I partly agreed with the points that government and media are really serious this time as the victims are not common men. What really shocked me as how could anyone enter into the country with so much weapons in hand and moreover from the route which is consider as the safest in India. More startling is the fact that these coward not only enter the country but also to the places of highest importance with such ease and intelligence had no inkling of the activities. Mere mentioning of the positives that are coming out from such frequent attacks of terrorist is not going to solve this problem. What i beleive is such an offence can not be completed without any help from some internel bastards. Thus, i beleive, we need a proper disaster management infrastructure in place which actually keep an eye on any suspects in the country, beleive to have directly and indirectly help such activities. Than only we could prevent such acts of terrorism in the country.

abhishek said...

The US govt has actually warned India that its water ways were not safe around Mumbai. And this warning was issued not once but twice. No action was taken against it by Indian govt. It was published in Times of India online around 2nd December.

a proper survey must be carried out finding out loopholes in security system. and than tact’s must be applied to cover them up.

periodic surveys must be carried out to keep the tact’s up to date and carry necessary changes if required.

Chaotic Monk said...

Its a good START!!! Both for UR blog and Mumbai :). I know some things are definitely positive after this incident....but I just hope that this is not a temporary reaction to the events.....coz Govt and media and even people do react to events....but don't come up with proper preparations to avert them. I hope this silver linings stays for a long time.....and also as a part of this country.....even we become more vigilant!

Kaushik said...

I did read your blog, but I have to be honest that I didn't go through all the comments, therefore some people may or may not have said what I'm going to say:

1. I did find a tinge of Barkha Dutt mentality (or more generally speaking- leftist and hypocritic essence)in your blog. Firstly I think the so called "silver lining" has come with a very very expensive price tag and as an Indian I'm not ready to pay such a hefty price. Everybody has been going ga-ga over media coverage, and because I only have access to NDTV, unfortunately I had to put with the ultra left Barkha Dutt and NDTV in general, and honestly she was getting onto my nerves. One particular comment which I detested was- when people were chanting anti-pakistan slogan, she said it was "unfortunate". She and all other so called "liberated mentality" indians should stop appeasing Pakistan and take a very hardline approach. They are not our friends and they will never be, and they have the guts to say that publicly (specially their media) whereas ours is busy buliding dosti on a completely f**ked up foundation!!!

2. We Indians have always been very very defensive in our approach. When America had its 9/11 they went half way round the world to stamp the root cause out and I know many would not be convinced but I think they have done a great job in securing their country by doing so. Tell me one incident after 9/11? Again we Indians specially the leftists love hating Israel, but I think we should learn something from that tiny country, surrounded by hostile neighbours. How come they are defending their country and how come they almost obliterate another country for three kidnapped soldiers. Whether they got back those soldiers or not is a different story, but they made a point. When will we make our point, how many has to die before we wake up.

3. I know you said you were not gonna bash politicians in your first line, but that is absolutely essential. How come dork politicians go around with Z+ security whereas RPF and Police who are supposed to protect us, are armed with a piece of bamboo. Thats just bloody disgusting and I would hate to pay taxes to save these inept b*****ds.

4. I think you have taken a stand and I appreciate your views but I might be more radical in my approach and therefore I beg to differ with the whole "looking at positive outcome" concept. Its a dastardly act which should be paid back in a very similar way.

Nishant said...

Kaushik..i just have one question for you?
Do you remember any terrorist attack on American soil before 9/11 at least i dont... I am not saying that our government and Administation is good and our politicians are the best in the world. But the point is it took 3000 American lives before they learnt we dont have to go that far... we have to do something now which is why i encourage everyone to keep the momentum going which has started after the attacks...

Anonymous said...

nishant its very well written and u should also write how immature indian media is in handling a very sensitive situation.. they just are concerned about there trp..

Jalpesh Mehta said...

One more positive of the terror strikes is intriguing one more soul like you to start writing blogs... Even this in a way is a contribution in its kind, which in its own sense spread the word and all such blogs together would help in creating some impact.

Though there would be several connects and disconnects many would have, the objective is to share ones unbiased inner thought with all...

Best wishes,
Do stay in tch,

Nitin said...

Dear Nishant,

I understant the feeling which every indian is feeling after the Mumbai attack. But i would say We have a mentality to forget. Does it take 62 bombs and hundreds and thousands of life for the government to react. Our government is a weak government and weakest of them is our prime minister who couldn't make a law in the country to counter terrorism. They even went a step further by abolishing the law enacted by the BJP government to counter terrorism.

Secondly i would also say that americans are very strong. There was one attack at twin towers. But after that the action they took, nobody dared to do something as heinious as that again. The question is if they can do it why cant we.

Thirdly most of the indian politicians are old and have outlived their lives why cant some young and energetic come and take charge of the government who is a hardliner and a decision taker. When India can provide CEO's to such big MNC's why cant we 100 crore people find a good, young and dynamic person to lead the nation.

Thirdly media i would say did a good job in handling the situation and provided full time info to the nation. But the basic thing they wanted is TRP's. Does any news channel go to the most beautiful state of the country Kashmir to cover such incidents. There such incidents happen and the govt. doesnt wake. We come to know only after the whole operation is over and that too with the count of casualties.

At the end i would like to say no we have to take steps to make the nations future much better and provide the future a terror free India. Please everybody who reads this blog i would like to say that fullfill your responsibilty of voting because its our voting that will decide what kind of nation we want, a pleasant one with most of the people happy or a place where there is no development, terror srikes etc and dead bodies every where.

I urge all the fellow indians to stand up take pledge that such an attack on our beloved mumbai and for that matter our beloved country never happen.

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